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Our Mission

The Mission of this organization is to allow God to empower us as men , to develop comprehensive programs which can be utilized into a “ rite of passage” for our youth in the areas of socialization , education , and empowerment through a mentorship initiative. Dads Club Inc. will help to strengthen the bond which is currently void in many children’s lives

“Getting fathers involved and engaged within their children’s lives is the most important thing we do.”  



Dad's Club Inc. is group of men who formed a bond at Cornerstone school several years ago and after our children started attending different schools upon leaving elementary school we formed DCI a small non profit under the umbrella of the Community Business Network. 


What we do is encourage dad's at whatever school their children attend, to form a dad's club at that school an assist the administration however they see fit i.e. traffic patrol, hall monitoring, mentoring, security and so forth, this is our way of getting father's involved more in their children's lives' as well as other children who may not have a father or positive male role model in their life.


DCI will help assist anyway that is needed in starting a Dad's Club at the schools that's recommended.

Dad's Club Inc.

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